Essaouira Cooking Class

Essaouira Taste Cooking Class

Essaouira Taste Cooking Class

With  Essaouira Taste you will have the chance to experience the cooking in a Moroccan style with latifa who is very proud and enthusiastic to share the recipes and secrets of Moroccan cooking.

Welcome to Our Itinerary :

Pick up will be from 09:30 am, then straight to the local market to buy ingredients and learn how to bargain.

While visiting the fruit and the vegetable market, you will also go by the fish and spice market where goods are beautifully displayed. You will then be invited into the local family’s house where you will have the opportunity to cook a Moroccan dish and have an insight into Moroccan living. This will also be a great opportunity for you to learn some words in Arabic and to interact with the local family.

The cost is 300 DH. 

You can learn how to Cook :

  • Moroccan salad using Argan oil
  • Moroccan harirra (soup)
  • Zaalouk (a Moroccan cooked salad)
  • Chicken tagine
  • Beef tagine
  • Fish tagine
  • Moroccan dessert

We also welcome special requests for private groups.